What are "Offers" exactly?

Most offers available on our website include downloading, installing, and using our partnered companies’ mobile gaming apps. Then, you can trade these points for a wide selection of rewards we have.

Our most loyal and top earning members earn the most points by playing games, clearing specific levels, and having fun. 

How to access Offers:

  1. Directly select the "Offers" tile at the homepage.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom part of the page, select "Complete Offers" under "Ways to Earn."


We also have Offer Walls that include trial offers, visiting websites, and cashback offers. 



  1. Trial offers - For trial offers, you can choose between paid and non-paid. This requires you to subscribe to a premium service for a trial period. Regardless of paid or non-paid subscriptions, always remember to cancel your subscription if you don't wish to continue using the app.
  2. Visit Websites - This includes going to our partner websites and validating your email or taking a couple of surveys. 
  3. Cashback Offers - We also have cashback offers which will require you to buy products. If you need to purchase specific products, you now have a valid reason to get them. Earn points when you spend money.
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