Why is my "YourSurveys" quality score failing?

Quality scores are important when it comes to accessing surveys. The higher your quality score, the more surveys you can access. Low scores may result in ban or account suspension.

Your quality score might fail if:

  1. There are reversals.
  2. You failed a quality control question. Surveys can detect any falsification by adding “speed trap” questions. These questions include asking for your birthday on one page and your age on the other to ensure they match.

Unfortunately, we are not acquainted with the quality score algorithm of YourSurveys. To resolve this issue, we would recommend reaching out directly to YourSurveys since they have access to your account.

To avoid lowering your quality score, make sure to read all the questions carefully and ensure your answers line up with your provided information. Rushing through surveys and any attempts to change your demographics may result to further reduction in your quality score.

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