How do I complete Dynata surveys?

Dynata survey is one of the popular survey routers among the top Zoombucks users. It can be completed 5 times every 12 hours. It is available worldwide with differing payouts based on location.



Step 1 - How to Get Started

To access Dynata Paid Surveys, do the following steps:

  1. Login to ZoomBucks.
  2. Click the Dynata tile found in the member's area.
  3. Click "Surveys." Under the Survey Routers, select Dynata.


Step 2: Complete Your Demographics

First, you need to answer basic questions about your demographics such as your age, gender, level of education, and income. The information you provide enables Dynata to match you with qualifying surveys. It is extremely important that you answer these questions honestly.

After completing your demographic questions, you will be continuously routed to surveys that match your demographics.


Step 3 - Take Surveys and Earn Points

Complete a survey successfully and earn  points. The number of points a user receives for completing Dynata surveys is dependent on the country they are in. Members from the USA can receive 1,000 points while members from second tier countries such as Canada, Australia, Sweden and others can earn 700 points. Members from any other countries can earn 600 points each time they complete a survey.

Here's a quick overview of the amount of points you can earn according to country:

Country  Points
USA 1,000
Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Noway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland 700
Other Countries 600


You may complete 5 surveys every 12 hours. Once you have earned at least 5000 points, head over to our Rewards Store and redeem your favorite reward!

Tips and Tricks

  1. Answer questionnaires honestly so you get matched with qualified surveys.
  2. Take your time answering surveys. Avoid speeding through surveys to avoid lowering your quality score.
  3. The list of available surveys gets refreshed every 10 minutes. Make sure to check daily for available inventory.
  4. Check Live Feed and the Leaderboard to get updates on the latest available surveys.
  5. Regularly check email and enable notifications to instantly see surveys you qualify for.
  6. Watch videos and complete offers during slow days to maximize your time.


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